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We are pleased to welcome the following new websites to the Dramatic Visions family.

Lebovitz Family Law
Lebovitz Family Law - Divorce Attorney Towson MD

Full Sail Benefits
Full Sail Benefits - Group Benefits and Insurance Products

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Testimonials from Our Web Design Clients

We would like to give special thanks to our clients who have taken time to write these heart-felt testimonials on our behalf.  Your trust in us, and your appreciation of our work, means much more to us than we can say.
These testimonials inspire us to work harder and better every day.
Thank you!

We truly cherish each of our clients and really enjoy working with every one.  Each client is a new and unique experience for us, and we love getting to know more about their businesses.  Yes, we strive to provide excellent customer service each and every day, but we don't stop there.  We go a little further.
We care for each client, each business, as if we are a proud aunt or uncle.
Your business is our business, and we care.

"Silent gratitude isn't much use to anyone." -G.B. Stern

"We are a non-profit organization with a website that was in need of a complete makeover, so I spent many hours talking to many Web Design Companies looking for someone to restructure and update our website. I was shocked and dismayed as to what companies wanted to charge us to have this work done. Then I came across the Dramatic Visions website and it said” Affordable Website Design in Baltimore” so I thought that this could be the company that would work with us and that we could afford. I called the number and left a message. The next day I got a call from Becky of Dramatic Visions and I explained what we wanted to do. Well, the bottom line is that Becky got right to work and worked with me even though I kept changing things here and there. She was very professional and delightful to work with. We are extremely pleased with the work that she did and she even went a little above and beyond to make sure that we were satisfied with the end product. We highly recommend Dramatic Visions if you are looking for a web design company that will not rob you blind and does outstanding work. I want to thank Dramatic Visions for an outstanding job."
- Christopher White - President,

"There were a lot of ads on the Internet and in the Yellow Pages for “Website Developers”. I soon found that there was a big difference between a “website” and an “e-commerce site”. As a developer, if you had no experience in the latter, and more importantly, if you did not have a software package that you could support to serve as the “store”, you were not someone I wanted to talk to.
The developers I talked to (over 20) ranged from my neighbor’s, brother’s, nephew (seriously) to some fairly good sized organizations that would custom build what I needed for about $12,000. I didn’t take long to decide that a smaller, local company with some real experience in e-commerce was the key."
- James R. Ayars - President, Vintage Blades, LLC.
Read the entire testimonial from Vintage Blades


"It is with great pleasure that I recognize and express my sincerest appreciation and respect for the services of one of our most valued partners, Dramatic Visions and Becky Wolff. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to work with them. If you are entertaining the possibility of contracting with Dramatic Visions for your own design needs, I personally vouch for them, and should you wish, I invite you to contact me should you have any questions or wish to discuss this testimonial further."
-Stephen V. Kolbe - President, AnalySYS Enterprises, Inc.
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"Among many, one of the attributes that I love about working with Becky is her ability to stay on top of everything. How often have you heard about people who “waited” for their website to get attention from their “web master”? This is unacceptable, and Becky realizes that EVERYONE wants her attention NOW and addresses that reality for her clientele no matter how much she has on her plate!"
- Ariane Cometa, M.D. - Owner, Cometa Wellness Center
Read the entire testimonial from Dr. Cometa's Wellness Center


"Becky, I want to express my sincere appreciation to you for all of your hard work in undertaking what I know was a massive project - designing a website for our organization literally from 'scratch' - but I just do not know where to begin.   Although we had a small start-up, we realized that a "bare bones" site could never allow us to achieve our marketing goals or give our organization the credibility we needed to convey to our grant finders. We also needed an effective way to market our new planned giving program to our supporters. Not knowing anyone with the level of web design experience needed to develop the kind of site we envisioned, we continued to fill in the blanks of our grant applications with the address of the old website, hoping all the while that none of our prospects would actually take the time to access it, at least that was until you came along."
-Gerda Deterer - Volunteer President & Executive Director, Wild Life Rescue, Inc.
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"Dramatic Visions hosts our website at  Becky did a great job of originally setting up our website, and when it was in need of a major overhaul recently, she did all of the updates with lightning speed, accuracy, and attention to detail.  Whenever we’ve needed anything with our website, Becky has been right there to assist us.  If I were considering building a website, web hosting services, e-commerce services, or database applications services, I would definitely choose to work with Dramatic Visions again, and I would recommend Dramatic Visions to others."
-Wendy Olsson - Volunteer, Wildlife Rescue, Inc.


"We had very specific ideas for our website, and as our site was being developed, I quickly realized that, upon request, Becky has the ability to “give you the exact haircut you asked for”, even if it is not what she thinks will work or look the best on you.  This is rare in a design professional, and in this case, much appreciated."
-Terri Peterson - Marketing Manager, Beachley Business & Medical Forms, Inc.
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"Thank you for all the time you spent getting me exactly what I wanted and for all the input you contributed to making it a great website. I receive compliments on it from clients all the time! I would highly recommend you to any one of my personal friends as well as business associates. Thank you again for your personal way of doing business as well." 
-Santana Hahn - Owner, Santana Entertainment


"It is hard for us to believe that it is the end of January and in one month, you designed a wonderful website for our business and have had it up and running for several weeks now.  I know I was extremely particular with all of the details of the site.  You were so understanding and easy to work with...always willing to make any and all changes we required in a very timely manner.  And, with your extensive knowledge, you taught us a lot about the world of websites.  We know you will continue to grow and be successful with your business if you display half the professionalism you did with us to your other customers.
Thank you again for an outstanding job as well as the pleasure of getting to work with you."
-Marejane and Phil Muse - Owners, Cuddles of College Park


"Sonic Cathedral began as a small project website for an infant company that was born in 2001.  We had a website designer who would never get our updates done and would always tell us "no, you can't do that", when we wanted to add something to the site.  When Dramatic Visions took over the design and maintenance of our website, the difference was like night and day.  Today, the Sonic Cathedral website is a globally acclaimed industry leader, doing business in more than 60 countries around the world.  We have received countless compliments and have become well known and respected in our industry.  Much of the credit can be directly linked to the efforts of Dramatic Visions, who built the website up to include more than 125 pages at one point, three databases, a full ecommerce online store, an online e-zine, and an online community, just for starters.  Our website receives international acclaim and recognition, and our business has grown exponentially as a result.  We couldn't have done it without Dramatic Visions.
Many thanks!"
-Rick Harper - Vice-President, Sonic Cathedral, Inc.