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Content Management - Blogs, Forums & Webzines

What is CMS?  CMS is an acronym for Content Management System.  When we talk about CMS, we're talking specifically about CMS for websites.  Typically, a CMS program stores large amounts of web content in a database, then displays that content to visitors upon request.  There are so many websites out there which use a CMS program, you probably don't even realize it when you visit one.

CMS can take your website to the next level of interactive functionality. CMS is can be used to build your entire website, or it can be used for just one section of your website.  The applications and uses for CMS are virtually endless.  From ecommerce websites to online discussion forums, a CMS program is often seen as an easy way to add valuable content and structure to your website.  Inexpensive and user friendly, these third party programs can be installed into your website at any time.

Manage large amounts of content - quickly & easily!

Content Management Systems can be use for almost anything:
CMS admin login photo Manage large amounts of web content quickly & easily
Ecommerce websites (ecommerce is a type of CMS program)
Creating blogs and blogging websites
Organizing news and articles
Creating webzines (online magazines)
Organizing and displaying documents or other files
Online communities & discussion forums
Listings, directories, & other searchable resources

CMS is typically used when a website contains a large amount of content.  Using a CMS makes storing, organizing, and displaying that data simple and easy.  So if you are considering building a large website, you might want to consider CMS as a viable option from the start.

Common CMS programs (there are many more):